Lip makeup
$6.60 –

Ippolita ring

Red gold watch

Thick waist belt

Floral jewellery


cuttin up

cuttin up

Hoop earrings

Chanel glasses

Beauty accessory

Nail treatment

Red As A Apple So Bite Me

Red As A Apple So Bite Me

sorry this title couldn’t be found

sorry this title couldn't be found

Converse white sneaker
$75 –

Chanel bag

@ a party with campaign vier

@ a party with campaign vier

WithChic light wash jeans
$34 –

Chanel earrings

Boujee Cap Black

i understand…its hot but…..

i understand...its hot but.....

Topshop sport shirt
$21 –

Frame Denim jeans

Converse high top

Yellow jewelry

Christian Dior jewelry

Gucci stainless steel jewelry
$720 –

Tech accessory

Skull cap

Lime Crime lipstick

Edt perfume

At a black out party with kian and jc

At a black out party with kian and jc

Pleated skirt

Activewear pants

New Look lace up boots
$30 –

Chanel triple crown

Black onyx ring

Moschino fragrance
$59 –

Beauty product
$11 –